The difference between a Thule Motion and a Thule Touring


When choosing a roof box such as the Thule Motion or Touring series, it can be hard to find what the differences are between both models, it becomes even harder when they are visually very similar.

In this article we will explain the big differences between both Thule models namely the Motion and the Touring series.

We will cover the following areas.

  • Weight Capacity
  • Fitments to Roof Rack
  • Dual Side Opening
  • Visual Appeal

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity Roof Boxes

The biggest difference is the capacity of both ranges, where the Thule Motion has a loading capacity of 75kg while the Touring has a maximum capacity of 50kg. Now knowing the maximum loading weight for both boxes, how do I make a choice?

The easiest way to look at the weight limitations is to find out you want to carry. Are you planning to transport clothing or other heavier items. If you want to carry clothing then a Touring roof box will suffice. If you are intending to carry more than clothing like camping gear or golf equipment, then we would suggest that you use a Motion roof box.

Fitments to Roof Rack

Roofbox Fitment

Both Thule roof box ranges can be fitting to all Thule roof racks and some other manufacturers roof bars, the difference between the two models is the minimum and maximum position of the roof box claws which grip on to the roof bars.

The Touring can fitted where the roof bars are a minimum of 51.5 cm and a maximum of 92.5 cm while the Motion can be fitted to a minimum spacing of 57 cm to a maximum of 97 cm. The higher maximum width of the Motion series enables the possibility of this roof box to be positioned further towards the front of the vehicle. Providing greater access to the boot when using a slightly larger roof box, or where the boot has a higher opening position.

In general both are suitable for all vehicles, as on most vehicles the average bar positioning is 70 cm apart. Which means both roof boxes can be fitted. It is however extremely rare for any vehicle not to be suited to one or the other roof box types (less than 1 %).

The Motion has a Power Click system which enables you to tighten the roof box with an integrated mechanism that lets you know when you have securely tightened the roof box with a clicking sound, even better, so does the Touring with its Fast Click tightener.

Dual Side Opening

Roofbox Dual Side Opening

Both models have dual side opening capabilities for the exception of one size in the Touring series. Which is the Touring 600, this box can only be loaded from one side, while all the other boxes can be loaded from both sides. If you are interested in having a narrow roof box but want the benefit from a dual side opening roof box, then we suggest going for the Thule Motion 600 roof box.

Visual Appeal

Roofboxes Touring vs Motion

The Touring roof box is the newest design and provides a stylish sharp edged appearance. But we think that the material design has a greater impact. With the Motion series, both the Black and Silver model have a Gloss finish. Whereas the Touring series has a Titan Aeroskin finish and a Black Glossy finish.

The special Titan Aeroskin finish provides a stylish look making you feel that the Touring series has incorporated a future metal technology.

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