The difference between Thule 9103 and 9104

Thule 9103 / 9104 clipon
Thule 9103 / 9104 clipon

Although the 9103 and 9104 look very similar the difference between the Thule 9103 and 9104 is the fitting compatibility. As with all vehicles, the shape of the boot or tailgate is differs from one vehicle model to another.

For example it is not possible to fit or adapt a Thule ClipOn 9103 to fit an Audi A6. However, the Thule ClipOn 9104 fits this vehicle perfectly.

Thule has developed a range of adapters to further extend both models compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, namely the 9110, 9111 and 9115.

To find out which of the ClipOn models fits your vehicle, please follow our Online Rear Mounted Guide, or alternatively look at the list below. (Search hint: press on your keyboard CTRL F and type your vehicle model) Please note that if your vehicle model is not listed, it may still be possible to use another Thule rear mount carrier model. Simply use our online rear mounted guide for a full list of what’s available.

Thule ClipOn 9103

Thule ClipOn 9104

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